Our Services

At Gateway Warehouse and Distribution we offer a variety of service, storage, and local delivery options to meet the needs of every customer. Not only are we a local family owned business; we have a legacy of successful commercial operations in the upstate with a reputation that precedes us.

With the ever growing manufacturing industry in the upstate, Gateway has a variety of warehousing services to meet even the most specific client’s needs. Our flexibility is second to none with no contract obligations or time restrictions on storage.

Gateway Warehouse offers basic public warehousing services including but not limited to:


Our warehousing team is always diligent in ensuring that product for shipping is in order to guarantee not only that the product gets to the destination in a timely manner but is in presentable condition. Our office staff work closely with trucking companies and brokers to insure that product is picked up on time to ensure quickest arrival to the destination.


We conduct a visual inspection of all incoming packaging If damage is noted, we utilize picture documentation to make insurance claim processing easier if needed; we also call or email the client before unloading the product. Most of the time we can determine the source, make recommendations to prevent further incidents and repackage the product if necessary to make sure products are in great presentable condition for when they arrive at their destination beyond our warehouse.

Packaging & Reworking

Among all of the stresses a company has with managing product, packaging and protecting items is of top priority. If the materials arrive damaged due to shipment complications, we do our best to rework items to their original condition. We also offer de-palletizing services in order to customize quantities of products based on individual client’s needs.


Clients and products alike are welcomed and treated with top priority. Each item is documented in “Warehouse Receiver” forms and stored in a timely manner allowing customers to focus on other business matters knowing their products are safe and accounted for.

Bulk Storage

Our warehouse offers ample space for our client’s bulk storage needs.


Gateway Warehouse offers local deliveries in the Spartanburg and Greenville area with its box truck.